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Development Vision

“Becoming the leading brand of overall optimization solution for key components of heating system(gas boiler, heat pump)”

 will be the vision of the Heating Technics. 


Changing from the original way of think of Components to the way of thinking of System Solution, the R&D staff provide the 

more convenient designing to the users from the point of view of system overall solution, and develop the key relative parts of 

the gas boiler from the point of view of system, meanwhile, they make deep market researching for the heat pump heating system 

and look for the heat pump manufacturer and distributors.

Use the resources to develop quickly the unsatisfied needs to realize the vision of becoming the leading brand in the heat pump industry.

Direction of development

Realize seamless joint of technology and market through continuous technical developing and innovation;Continuously improve the manufacturing processes to improve the standardization and automation of the product assembly; Set up the unique and systematic competitiveness by the way of innovation. Integrate the resources of Heating Technics and focus on the heating industry to get more market share. Keep on more investment on the national and international heating industry exhibitions, standard seminar and technical seminar.

With the market dominating product hydro block of gas boiler, actively develop the market for heat pump products and other key parts for heating equipment.

Improve the systematic competitiveness of Heating Technics by the ways including merger and acquisition. Conduct product and customer transformation and upgrading for the electricity control business division and heat pump business division,becoming the new growth point.

Conduct self correction and self improvement on cost optimization,innovation and developing,law standardization and target completion by selfauditing team therefore,to become a fast and big fish with quick reaction,effective execution and quick decision in the small pond. Realize long-term valuable and sustainable growth of Heating Technics.

Business model
  • Hydro block
  • Hydro block
  • Hydro block
  • Electronics
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