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Contact information of the company headquarter:

Phone: 0575-82158515

Fax: 0575-82158515 Transfer

Address: No. 288 Chunhui industrial road, Shangyu district, Shaoxing city, Zhejiang province, China

  • Heating technics Group

    Service Hotline:0575-82156613

    Fax: 0575-82156613

  • Energy controls Group

    Service Hotline: 0575-82156613 


    Gas headquarters:徐龙13967520382

    Oil and gas:戴信华13758568010

    Zhejiang and Shanghai:杨坚斌13819537465

    North of China:王晓兵13758564983

    Eastern of China:黄晓波13757546001

    Southern of China:葛建桥13957565750

    Fax: 0575-82156613 

  • Auto mechatronics Group

    Service Hotline:0575-82313467

    Fax: 0575-82561288

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