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We have been committed to building and improving the enterprise technology innovation system, relying on the provincial high-tech enterprise research and development center and the innovation platform of the provincial Chunhui Fluid Intelligent Control Research Institute, to regard technological innovation and research and development as the realization of the company's future sustainable development and leading industries. Breakthroughs, guided by independent innovation, focus on improving the core competitiveness of enterprises.

Technological innovation
Research and develop
Core competitiveness
Achievements and achievements

Adhere to the characteristics of the brand, advocate technological innovation, pursue excellence, and achieve outstanding results

It has 119 effective intellectual property rights, including 18 core technology invention patents, 84 utility model patents,12 appearance patents, and 5 software copyrights.

  • 119 (items)
    Effective intellectual property
  • 18 (items)
    Core technology invention patent
  • 48 (items)
    Utility model patents
  • 12 (items)
    Appearance patent
  • 5 (items)
    Software copyright

Converting patents into results and integrating them into products, which are extremely safe and emphasize the unique charm of products. To meet the needs of the industry and improve the innovation ability of enterprises, our company and China Metrology Institute are engaged in technical exchanges, personnel training, research projects, cooperative development, etc. The company has established a long-term cooperative relationship and relies on the professional and technical strength of higher education institutions to support the continuous innovation of the company's product technology.

Research team

The company pays attention to product quality, implements brand strategy, and at the beginning of its establishment, it firmly establishes the quality management policy of “zero defect in quality, zero complaints in service”,and puts forward the strategic goal of “standardizing and continuous improvement, creating the first brand of Chinese control valve”. The new product development incorporates the unique brand personality of the company. Companies adhere to the quality of survival, innovation and development of the principle, according to the characteristics of the product, develop a marketdriven technology strategy, and establish a technology development and support system suitable for their own enterprise characteristics. After nearly two decades of rapid development, it has accumulated and deposited rich technical resources. As early as 2001, our company established a provincial R&D center, which included a group of professional and technical personnel and independently innovated. There are nearly 80 research and development personnel in the center, including nearly 50 people with intermediate and senior titles. The scientific and technical personnel specializes in fifteen disciplines such as refrigeration,air conditioning, HVAC, computer, fluid, automation, electromechanical, and instrumentation. In order to ensure the development, trial production and testing of patented products, a number of advanced testing and testing equipments are deployed in the center, and 46% of annual sales revenue is used as research and development investment. At the same time of independent innovation, it also established “production, study and research” cooperation with universities to actively develop new products. The company has won the honorary titles of “provincial excellent R&D center”, “provincial patent demonstration enterprise”, “provincial innovation pilot enterprise” and “provincial standardization demonstration enterprise”.

In order to realize resource sharing, in 2015, as a supporting unit, our company took the lead in establishing Zhejiang with Zhejiang Chunhui Air Conditioning Compressor Co., Ltd., Shaoxing Chunhui Automation Instrument Co., Ltd. and Shaoxing Shangyu Internal Combustion Engine Parts Co., Ltd. (formerly Shangyu Internal Combustion Engine Parts Co., Ltd.). The Provincial Chunhui Fluid Intelligent Control Research Institute has six research institutes, namely refrigerant control, gas control, gas control, oil control, temperature control and water control. It has certain complementarity and commonality through different medium control and sensing technologies. 

Sexuality, effectively integrate the intellectual resources, technical resources and experimental equipment resources of the four enterprises, learn from each other's strengths, improve together, and achieve the maximum innovation effect on the basis of minimum investment to achieve the goal of multi-win.