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Quality Control

Chunhui intelligent control quality policy: product requirements zero defects, customer satisfaction to see Chunhui.

Interpretation of the quality policy:All employees are exquisitely crafted to provide customers with zero-defect quality products. We sincerely and do our utmost to serve our customers, and finally meet the needs of our customers, let “Chunhui” go global, and maintain continuous improvement of product quality.Since 1996, Chunhui Zhikong has passed the ISO9000 family standard, passed the ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification, adhered to the concept of continuous improvement, and established a quality management system from product design and development, manufacturing to products and services. Quality improvement provides power and protection.

Environmental protection

Chunhui Zhikong attaches great importance to environmental protection, operates according to law,and actively fulfills its social responsibility to protect the environment. From the beginning of product design and development, that is to inherit the development concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, comply with laws and regulations, establish and pass the ISO14001:2015 environmental management system, formulate strict requirements for hazardous substances control, systematically fully identify and control environmental risks, and comprehensively relevant parties Apply influence, set goals to actively reduce energy consumption, and continue to promote green production.Chunhui's environmental control policy: law-abiding, reducing consumption, and anti-pollution, and constantly improving to perfection.

Interpretation of the environmental policy:The company is committed to comply with various environmental laws and regulations, from the design and development to the whole process of product production and processing, as well as the consumption of various pollutants and raw materials generated in the company's internal activities, to fully control the law, strive to save energy and reduce consumption, and continue to improve .

Health and safety

Chunhui intelligent control quality policy: product requirements zero defects, customer satisfaction to see Chunhui. Chunhui Zhikong established an occupational health and safety management system through OHSAS18001:

The 2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, based on the laws and regulations of occupational health and safety, comprehensively introduces the business philosophy of health and safety, systematically identifies and controls hazards and risks, respects employees, and values each employee's health and safety. Links, including workplace environment monitoring, safety risk investigation and improvement, employee occupational disease physical examination, employee rights protection, etc., create a healthy, safe and enjoyable working environment and adhere to continuous improvement.