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Social responsibility

The company is committed to the research and development, manufacturing, sales and installation of refrigeration and fluid control, and guarantees that all products developed, manufactured, installed and serviced meet the requirements of health, energy saving and environmental protection.

The six green initiatives advocated include:

For the environment: no waste gas, no waste water, no waste

For products: no spillage of any substance that is not conducive to health

Environmental declaration
1. Committed to the research and development, manufacturing, promotion and service of human home environmental protection products

1.Ensure that all products developed, manufactured, promoted and serviced meet the requirements of health, energy conservation and environmental protection.

2. No defects or any pollution to the environment or human beings will be produced during the manufacture, installation and use of the product.

3. No procurement of raw materials or parts to companies that are not responsible for the environment, human health and product quality.

2.Pay for action,
Environmental protection must start from oneself

1. Save resources: • Turn off the lights that do not need lighting, and minimize the power of the lights; • Minimize the use of air conditioners, air conditioners, and heating and cooling equipment, the temperature setting: not less than 26 degrees in summer, not high in winter At 20 degrees; • Make every effort to use energy-efficient equipment and products; • Do not take the elevator on the upper and lower floors; • Reduce the use of paper, try to use double-sided printing or copying and use; • Save electricity, gas, water, use Paper and saving food; • Advocating the office, saving space and saving energy; • Obeying traffic rules, not driving fast, saving fuel consumption;

2. Recycling waste:

• Organic, inorganic, and recyclable waste sorting;

• Dispose of used batteries in a dedicated battery recycling bin for disposal by a professional company;

• All wastes such as packaging boxes, plastic bags, and scraps after product installation are collected and disposed of in a centralized manner by a professional company;

• Any scrapped electronic and electrical products and copiers, printer used ink cartridges, and ribbons shall be handled by the administrative department in a unified manner and shall not be disposed of in the environment or in the garbage;

3. Reduce pollution: • Use less or reduce the use of various cleaning agents, detergents, disinfectants and other daily necessities; • Do not make loud noises in the workplace, motor vehicles in the factory area are not allowed to whistle and slow down; • Reduce and avoid Use disposable tableware and plastic bags; • Do not litter at any place, see garbage as much as possible and put it in the garbage bin; • Do not place items in the factory area and any workplace, every item and tool It should be piled up at a designated location to keep itself and its surroundings clean and tidy; • Maintain and treat the water source in the plant in a natural and ecological way, effectively dispose of its own sewage, and not discharge any harmful and toxic sewage into the public pipe network. • Avoid and reduce the use of chemical pesticides when maintaining greening in the plant; • The company actively adopts and promotes environmentally friendly energy sources such as solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, and natural plant energy; • Protects the environment of the plant, cleanliness, beauty, and greening; and ensures adequate workshops and offices. Ventilation and light.

3, strive to protect the health of employees

• Smoking is prohibited on the shop floor, smoking is prohibited in the factory area; • Employees are encouraged to develop a healthy lifestyle, go to bed early, get up early, and not participate in harmful activities such as mahjong, playing cards, gambling, etc. • Create and add various Table tennis, basketball, badminton, running, climbing and other sports activities, and strive to provide employees with physical exercise conditions; • Install safe and reliable water purification equipment in each office area and workshops, dormitories and canteens, regardless of the diet, Bath, laundry and toilet water are purified water; • All tableware in the cafeteria is strictly disinfected, and food and food are purchased in a reliable and safe process; • Canteen food staff conducts quarterly health checkups and water treatment products The employees in contact with the health check every six months, all employees of the company conduct health check every year; • The whole plant area is free from dust, odor, and harmful gas emissions, and the noise of all production equipment in the large workshop is not higher than 50. Decibel; • will strictly abide by legal working hours, any employee per Total working time prohibited more than 12 hours, often the day shift staff on Sundays and weekdays after 11 pm in principle, quasi overtime, due to the need to work overtime must be specifically approved by the company;