## Intelligent upgrading and environmental monitoring With the growing importance of digitalization and intelligence, Chunghwa Intelligent Control is striving to promote intelligent upgrading of traditional energy transmission and distribution component products and develop enhanced environmental monitoring products. This initiative empowers customers with comprehensive smart solutions and bodes well for the continued growth of the company's business. ## Exploration of Hydrogen and New Energy We follow the trend of the global hydrogen energy industry and contribute to energy transition and environmental protection through the development of high-pressure solenoid valves and safety-grade solenoid valves in cooperation with hydrogen refueling equipment manufacturers and nuclear power plants. Committed to promoting localization through core control valves, the company has established competitive brand and technology advantages in core technology development. ## Heating and Gas Efficiency Improvement We have demonstrated deep expertise and innovation in the heating market, providing cost-effective total solutions and advanced water circuit control technologies. These technological achievements have helped our customers transform the market for mid- to high-end products, such as hydronic systems with full pre-mix, "zero-chilled water" technology and condensing technology, ready for the post-coal era, and make significant inroads into the market for hydronic control centers for multi-energy, complementary heat sources. ## Looking to a Green Future We are actively promoting technological innovation in the industry, and with our high level of R&D capability and deep understanding of customer needs, we are fundamentally promoting the development of our company and society towards a green, low-carbon, efficient and intelligent future. We look forward to working hand in hand with all our customers and partners to create a green tomorrow.