Updated At: 2023-03-03 10:25:11

#10003 Pressure regulator box

Building pressure regulator



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Regulator box: RX0.4/*A-CHGB series

  • The core of this series of regulator box is the CHT series regulator with double-stage decompression structure, which ensures higher stability and safety, and also facilitates later operation and maintenance.
  • The regulator is equipped with an integrated filter + stainless steel wire mesh cartridge combination, which provides excellent strength and filtration accuracy assurance. And the simple structure is easy to disassemble and clean the filter element.
  • The series of regulator box has superior expansion functions, optional inlet and outlet pressure transmitter, cut-off valve valve position sensor, to achieve the regulator box import and export pressure and regulator cut-off valve state real-time remote transmission, alarm function.
  • The products are manufactured and tested in accordance with GB27791-2020 "Town Gas Pressure Regulator Box" and related standards.