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Main business system and development direction

Chunhui Heating Technology Products Group will "become the leading brand of overall optimization solutions for key components of heating systems (wall-hung boilers, heat pumps)" as its vision, and change from the thinking mode of original parts to the thinking mode of system solutions. Stand in the overall system solution to provide users with a more convenient design, develop and deepen the key extension components of the wall-hung boiler from a system perspective, and start an in-depth market research on the heat pump heating system. Look for heat pump manufacturers or distributors. The unmet needs in practical applications will focus on the rapid development of product group resources to realize the vision of a leading brand in the heat pump field.

Through continuous technology research and development and innovation, we can achieve seamless connection between technology and the market. Continue to improve the various elements of the production process, improve the standardization and automation of product assembly, and establish unique systemic competitiveness through innovation.

Integrate the resources of the heating technology group and focus on the heating field to further expand the market share, and continue to increase investment in heating industry exhibitions, standard seminars, and technical seminars at home and abroad.

Under the condition that the hot water supply circuit of wall-hung boilers is the leading market, actively explore the market for heat pumps and other key components of heating equipment. Further improve the systemic competitiveness of the Heating Technology Group through various methods such as mergers and acquisitions.

The transformation and upgrading of products and customers of the Magnetoelectric Control Division and the Heat Pump Control Division has become a new growth point. Through the self-checking team, self-correction and self-improvement of cost optimization, innovation and development, standardization of the rule of law, goal completion, etc. have become a fast fish and big fish in a small pond with fast response, strong execution, and decisive decision-making. Realize the long-term value and sustainable growth of the heating technology product group!